Projects/ Assignments

  • Working with a Chair and Chief Executive to carry out an evaluation of board effectiveness, engaging all members of the board and leading to improvements in the focus on risk, enhancing board papers and meeting disciplines
  • Working with the Chair and Chief Executive to run a half-day workshop looking at key pitfall areas and how these might be addressed, ranging from a clearer understanding of what areas the Chief Executive wanted to support and advice on and what he did not, as well as the key areas of concern from a board perspective that the Chief Executive did not seem to be addressing
  • Working with a Chair and Chief Executive to establish a shared vision for the future direction of the organization and working on the implications for board composition and board roles and training

Sample Projects

Apr 2016 – Present


Root cause analysis up-grade (numerous projects)Work with numerous audit teams to up-grade their approach to root cause analysis. This has included work with other functions – compliance/risk, IT, Projects.
Sep 2014 – PresentRoot cause investigations (various projects)Looking at issues that have gone wrong and helping to deploy innovative root cause analysis techniques to understand key causal factors.



  • Read Testimonials

Training/ Events

  • Auditing Culture
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Auditing in the Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Auditing Strategy and Strategic Risks
  • Risk Management for Internal Audit Teams
  • Managing Audit Independence and Objectivity

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