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quoteJames was really engaging from the start. Interesting to note that delegates shared many of the same problems. Solutions offered were simple and effective. Staff who attended all benefited and came back to the office full of ideas and enthusiasm.
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Course Details:

  • Lean & Agile Auditing – delivering added value from audit in an efficient way

    Open and in-house

    Lean auditing refers to the use of ‘lean’ principles to drive added value in audit work and improve efficiency and productivity. Lean provides tools and techniques to eliminate waste, maximise impact and increase value added activities – key for many internal audit functions. Agile refers to associated techniques, first used in software development and now applicable to internal auditing. This course will show you how to apply lean and agile methodologies to internal audit to enhance value add, reduce waste and become more flexible and agile.

    Who should attend?

    Heads of internal audit, internal audit managers and experienced audit staff.

    What will I learn?

    Upon completion you will be able to:

    • Gain a fresh approach to thinking about adding value, going back to first principles
    • Gain a clearer orientation to thinking about the key stakeholders audit needs to deliver value to (between the board, senior management and those being audited)
    • Considering the most value added way of approaching the audit plan
    • Thinking about productivity and efficiency from first principles
    • Improving assignment planning and delivery disciplines, with improved focus on what work should be done, a better sense of how to approach testing (and knowing when to stop)
    • Thinking about findings and using root cause analysis to ensure more valuable insights from audit
    • Ways to drive the audit closing, reporting and follow-up processes
    • Tools and techniques that help drive value and efficiency
    • Develop a practical, step-by-step route map of the key areas to focus on to add value and improve efficiency

    Course programme

    • The background to lean and why it is such a powerful methodology for driving value add and efficiency
    • Developing a value added approach to the audit planning process
    • Developing practical insights into what does and does not add value to the key stakeholders of audit and practical ways to manage different views
    • How to create assignment plans that focus on value add
    • Driving audit assignments in a lean way, including ways to streamline testing and reporting, how to leverage existing business, compliance assurance processes and activities
    • Practical advice concerning audit and data analytic tools
    • Key performance indicators for internal audit that properly capture value add and avoid unnecessary work
    • Other working practices in the audit team that can maximise its productivity and impact

    For more information email James Paterson

  • Lean Finance

    Bespoke in-house

    This 1-2 day workshop, running since 2011, that will be useful for any finance staff who are planning, leading, supporting or thinking about a finance and accountancy transformation initiative.

    The workshop is based on hands on experience of finance transformations along a lean agenda and over 3 years of workshops with various organisations.

    For more information email James Paterson

  • Process improvement – a lean perspective

    Bespoke in-house

    This 1-3 day workshop, running since 2011, is aimed at managers, process owners, quality professionals and auditors who want to understand this fresh way of looking processes – identifying waste that has hitherto been hidden and identifying practical and simple ways to streamline what is being done.

    • Lean is a proven, practical technique that enables managers to drive out waste, manage costs and better deliver value added products and services that customers value. It has been proven across industries and different process areas.
    • Lean techniques encourage change to be delivered in a step by step manner at a much lower cost than conventional large scale change projects; although this workshop will also help participants to better understand how to approach a transformation project (if that is what is wanted).

    For more information email James Paterson

  • Assignment Work Planning and Risk Control Matrices

    Details soon.

  • Effective Scoping of Internal Audit Assignments

    Details soon.

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