James Paterson

James Paterson

I am very privileged to work with some wonderful clients combining my passion for improving risk management and governance, but in a way that is manageable, will not impede innovation and productivity, and at a sensible cost.

I adopt a step-by-step tailored approach with my clients bringing a wealth of knowledge and proven solutions from other client work. I combine this with two key principles:

  • What works for one organization may not always be suitable for the culture and context of another and
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance improvements should seek to simplify, clarify and strengthen processes and activities in a sustainable, and not be a huge burden.

Clients say that I am very productive and offer constructive solutions very quickly. I am also able to listen to what is needed and adapt what is required as well as helping to anticipate major difficulties and take steps to head these off. I have built up a business over eight years, so have the highest standards around ensuring value for my clients, keeping things confidential and delivering high quality work. A list of clients and testimonials is provided elsewhere in this website.

I have developed a reputation for delivering outstanding workshops – open and in-house. Delivering training for the IIA, including those in Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and UK; I also deliver the MIS Audit Leadership school.

I have expertise in Risk Assurance mapping, Lean auditing, Auditing Culture, Root Cause analysis for Internal audit, Influencing for Internal Auditors, Audit best practices and Internal audit team effectiveness. I am also a provider of EQA services.

I am the author of the book Lean Auditing, published by J Wiley. I have been a regular guest speaker at IIA International Conferences since 2012.

James Paterson

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