Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Throughout the year James speaks at various events, which have included the IIA International Conference, IIA Internal Audit Leaders’ Conference and the Retail Audit Forum.

You can find a selection of these in the tabs below.

    • GAM 2019, Dallas Texas – Lean & Agile Auditing
    • ECIIA, Luxembourg – Political Savvy for Internal Auditors
    • Root Cause analysis for internal audit – Chief County Audit Network (CCAN)
    • Essex Audit Group – Lean Auditing
    • EU IAS conference – Moderator/Chair on Embracing the challenges of the future
    • Real life Challenges for Internal Audit – UK (CIPFA NorthWest)
    • The Politics of Internal Auditing – Belgium (In-house)
    • Lean Auditing – Sevelopments, Sweden (In-house)
    • Lean Auditing – Brussels, Belgium (EC IAS Conference 2017)
    • Creativity & Innovation in Internal Audit – Switzerland (IIA Bancaire Romand)
    • Auditing Culture – Lausanne, Switzerland (IIA Bancaire Romand)
    • Practical Approaches to Risk Assurance Mapping – Switzerland (IIA Bancaire Romand)
    • Is Most GRC for Real or Just Theatre? – Liverpool, UK (IIA UK)
    • The Real Issues When Auditing – NHS North East (York, UK)
    • Combined Assurance – HIA Conference, IIA UK (London)
    • Lean Auditing – IIA South West (Bristol)
    • Lean Auditing – IIA International Conference (New York)
    • Lean Auditing – Retail Audit Forum (Loughborough, UK)
    • Influencing and Political Savvy for Internal Audit – IIA Bancaire Romand (Lausanne, Switzerland)
    • Lean Auditing – IIA Bancaire Romand (Lausanne, Switzerland)
    • Minimum Audit Coverage – London Audit Group (London)
    • Lean Auditing – European Commission (Brussels)
    • Assurance – TSYS Internal Audit Forum (Edinburgh)
    • Auditing Culture – Retail Audit Forum (Mere, UK)
    • Auditing Culture – CIPFA Audit Conference (London)
    • Auditing Culture – IIA NW (Manchester)
    • Risk Appetite – Risk Congress, MIS  (London)
    • Political Savvy for Internal Auditors – IIA International Conference (London)
    • Preparing for an EQA – IIA International Conference (London)
    • How assured are you? – NHS Audit National Conference (UK)
    • Audit Committee effectiveness – NHS North East (York, UK)
    • Lean Auditing – SOPAC Australia (Brisbane)
    • 10 wrong turns in Assurance Mapping – IIA Scotland (Edinburgh)
    • The Future of Internal Audit – IIA SouthWest (Bristol)
    • Lean Auditing – Police Audit Group (London)
    • Building Bridges of Understanding with IT Auditing – IIA NorthWest (Manchester)
    • Lean Auditing – IIA Australia (Sydney)

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