Lean Audit Methodology

I have worked with many clients to develop a lean audit methodology and up-date their audit manual. It delivers a high quality streamlined approach to the key steps in an assignment. It is engaging and easy to use/up-date since it does not get bogged down in details that miss the overall “flow” of what is needed to deliver to time and quality.

There is no one size fits all solution, but the toolkit offers a framework covering

  • Assignment planning
  • Assignment execution
  • Assignment reporting
  • Follow-up and feedback

Recommended steps are outlined, along with hints and tips and also reference is made to key IIA standards.

The document comprises of 63 slides and also contains advise on ratings, dealing with sensitive issues and what to present in relation the audit plan.

This methodology toolkit will need to be amended to reflect the circumstances of the organization concerned and any up-dated draft methodology should be discussed with the audit team so that any final solution is fit for purpose and that staff properly know what to do. However, purchasing this toolkit will likely save several days, even weeks, of time.

Terms of use

£250.00 – Purchase Toolkit Excluding 20% tax


After purchase you will receive an email with a link to download your files.

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